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3 Days Left...

Well, I'm sitting here trying to stay awake in order to get through what will soon be my 18th straight hour of working in a row. When all is said and done, I will have done a total of 21.5 hours straight. Why am I such an idiot?

I will arrive home at approximately 8 am, fall asleep (probably immediately), and sleep until 3 or so. Then, get up, meet some friends for the premiere of Wedding Crashers, followed by Hess Village for stand up comedy, karaoke, and general mirth and merriment. Tuesday during the day will consist of beginning to pack my life up to move to another continent. Sure, Tuesday night I will get out briefly to see a few Toronto Fringe plays, but for the most part, my hours are counting down. As the supergroup Europe once said, 'It's the Final Countdown'.

I would like to add that I'm so deliriously tired right now that I have absolutely no memory of what I just typed mere seconds ago. When I read back, my eyebrows lift in surprise at the idiocy of my delirium.

Wednesday, of course, will be family day....say goodbye to my mom, that sort of thing. I'm starting to really get nervous. I usually look forward to getting the hell out of this place, but this time I think I actually ENJOYED being home. Which is very strange. Well, no turning back now...who knows what lies ahead?

Keep checking this space for (now more frequent) updates, and for the ongoing story of Ron Moves To Japan.
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