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Well, just got back early this morning from an all-too-quick visit to my favourite city in the world, Montreal. Went down to visit some friends and to catch some fringe festival shows. It was so strange to be there as NEITHER an artist or a volunteer. Ever since I've HEARD of the Fringe, I've been one or both. But it was interesting how my minor-celebrity status still held, despite not even BEING in the festival this year.

Saw my idol and friend, Mark Chavez, the most brilliant comedic and theatrical mind I know. He was (expectedly) disappointed that I wasn't in the festival this year, but put it that 'it was a loss to the theatre-going public'. And my OTHER idol, his girlfriend Nicola Gunn, the most talented physical actress who has EVER lived, went to far as to DEDICATE her show to me, and included my name as a character in her show. Man, I couldn't have been more flattered and thrilled.

Saw some other great called Confessions of a Class Clown starring Monster Theatre's Ryan Gladstone. I've had some issues with these guys in the past, but this was a FANTASTIC, well-written and performed show, about him being a little shit when he was a kid, and the social conventions that CRUSHED that spirit out of him. Awesome.

Also, saw my heroes the Sabotage guys in their new show 'Stop Not Going'. As amazing as always.

Some other...uh...interesting ones. Saw one called Miku Haku, which were these guys from the Maori Tribe in New Zealand. They sell out the Edinburgh Festival (a practically impossible feat) every year, and so I figured they MUST be awesome. It started with the four men dressed in tribal wear, down to the loincloths and bare chests and tribal face makeup. They crept onstage and began to do a tribal dance and chant. Suddenly, and without warning, one picked up a guitar, one a bass, one sat at a drum machine, and the other stood at the mic at the front of the stage and they did hard rock versions of popular songs. Very odd. The lead singer guy was also this aging queen who sort of reminded me of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Interesting, to say the least.

Made some plans with my buddy Tristan for future productions. We're both very interested in puppets, and next year he wants to do a creepy Jan Svenkmeyer's-Alice type of puppet show, and he wants me to write it (or co-write it). That way I can at least have a foothold in the festival, even if I can't actually be there.

The year AFTER, we fully plan on doing the entire Canadian fringe circuit. So, look for me to return to the fringe in 2007 with a vengeance! I'm planning an adult puppet musical a la Avenue Q. It's going to make up famous. I can feel it.

Other than that, almost got laid 3 times in four days.....ah, the fringe.
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